Wedding Invitation: Bigshot Letterpress Part 1 – Proofing


DJ are getting married and have entrusted me with the production of their letterpress wedding invitations.  The first step was to come up with a design.


We’ve scoured the internet for inspirations for a destination wedding and arrived at these two:

Albertine Press – Map letterpress

Lion In the Sun – NYC Black Tie inkless letterpress


1. Digital Design and layout

2. Select Colors using Pantone Solid Uncoated Formula Guide



In the next post:

Order the supplies (and any missing tools)!

Interesting Points:

I’m calling this post ‘Part 1’ but in actually there is a lot more preparation involved before you can start letterpress printing.  As I mentioned earlier, I used the Pantone Formula Guide to pick the colors.  While this formula guide may not seem necessary at first glance, I’m sharing with you from experience, it’s absolutely critical for two reasons.  First and foremost, color display on a computer screen is completely different than printed color.  Without having  to print every color you pick on the screen and hope that your printer has the ability to print to true color, this guide gives you the exact color of the letterpress print (if you mix the color correctly but I’ll save that for another discussion).  Second, this guide gives you the formula needed to mix your colors.  Of course, you always have the option of buying custom mixed ink from folks like Dave Robison or pre-mixed ink but if you plan to print in multiple colors or plan to make more prints in the future, custom mixed inks can get pretty expensive.

I recommend anyone interested in pursing letterpress read this blog post by Boxcar Press for recommendations on essential tools and supplies you’ll need for your letterpress shop.  Good luck!

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